Fix the broken tap in the male toilet

Hi, it is rather odd but there is a BROKEN tap in the male toilet of the library which keeps bothering me. In the small Male toilets located at the back of the library. The Tap on the right End of the washing area is broken. If someone presses upon it will start running. However, it won't automatically shut itself which results in wasting of a lot of water. Unless someone (like me) press-up the tap in order to shut it down. It's been broken for a while now but no one seems to notice it. The students use that tap and walkway, thinking it will automatically shut itself (which it should usually do) but does not. I know this is not a complaint forum but I just wanted to suggest that maintenance team should have dealt with it by now (it’s been three months at least) and stop the wasting of the water. And I should be working on the dissertations :) and not complaining. Thanks

Submitted: 12/04/17. Currently being considered by the Library

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