Cleaning in the library

Get better cleaners, the library is disgusting every day. Bins are full, worktops are thick with dust, there is rubbish everywhere, the toilets are disgusting and this morning there was silverfish bugs running around on the floor. I can’t believe that we are paying our student fees and the place can’t even be cleaned properly. I have made plenty of complaints this past year in the postbox but nothing has happened, if anything it’s got worse. Dust and dirt is one of the biggest breeders of Bactria. A couple of weeks ago I came into the library at 9am and the cleaner was hovering the floor on just the bits that had bits on it, she didn't wipe any of the tops down or clear any of the rubbish. Then, at half 9 her boss came down and told her to finish and the place was a tip. For us students to have to work in these environments is not right or fair. When I mentioned it to a staff member in the library she blamed it on the 24hr opening times, which I don't feel is a justifiable reason. The library and cleaners should be working to accommodate these opening times. It is Good Friday and there is not a cleaner in site, the bins are full the desks are full of dirt and dust and I suppose this is how it will stay all weekend for us :(

Submitted: 14/04/17. Currently being considered by the Library

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