Create and enforce clear Study Zones within the Library

Given how much of an effort the hard-working library staff put in to improve the library it seems such a shame that it has turned into a free-for-all. In first and second year I worked in the library on an almost daily basis but in my final, and most important year, I have been forced to go elsewhere due to the insane noise levels which mean over half my time is spent unproductively as a result of distractions. Can there please be some work done on returning the library to what I would presume is the common expectation of a university library; a learning environment (generally based on mutual respect backed up with enforcement from staff), rather than a social space? Unfortunately my last year has been marred by the noise levels in the library (not a reasonable amount of noise that you would expect, e.g. on par of an office environment rather than complete silence) which has had a significant detrimental impact on my grades, student experience and mental health. I feel excluded from studying at my university outside the times that the teaching buildings (which after often very noisy as well) are closed and I cannot understand how this is allowed to prevail especially given the increase in tuition fees. I was recently asked for advice about the University of Portsmouth from a family friend whose son was thinking about applying. I was disappointed to tell them that, regardless of the teaching and academic side, I could not in good faith recommend it if he had any expectation of productive learning environments on campus. I do not understand why our university has not tackled this problem when other institutions have faced the same issues and comprehensively dealt with them. Clearly there are challenges in combating this problem but the situation is unacceptable. I cannot get this year back, I cannot change this negative experience and I have nothing personally to gain by writing this (in fact I feel like it is a waste of my time) but I do so with the hope that some of the comments from myself and other students will finally encourage the university to take real action and create an environment for all students to be able to excel with their studies.

Submitted: 11/05/17. Currently being considered by the Library

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